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Seth Kibel & Flo Anito (POSTPONED FROM JANUARY 5)

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Mr. Henry's, 601 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003

Doors open at 6 pm, Music starts at 7:30 pm Jazz classics, klezmer romps, and more! $15 advanced ticket purchase. $12 food & drink minimum.

Seth Kibel -- clarinet, flute, saxophone Flo Anito -- vocals Sean Lane -- piano Bob Abbott -- double bass

$15 ($12 food/drink minimum)

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North of Baltimore, then Glen Echo, then WAY north of Baltimore... 

This clarinetist is going places... 

2023 is shaping up to be a VERY busy year for me, musically-speaking. For the latest on my whereabouts, you can always check out my website at, or see what kind of trouble I'm causing on various social media platforms. 

But here are a few highlights for the coming weeks: 

Saturday, January 21 -- Black Locust Hops Farm Brewery 

This is a new-to-me venue, but it sounds like it'll be a hoot! It's located in Freeland, Maryland, just south of the…

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Shows in DC and Baltimore and some exciting news! 

This Thursday at Mr. Henry's in DC! 

This Thursday, January 5, I'm delighted to be playing my first public show of 2023 at the legendary Mr. Henry's in DC! 

I'll be joined by some of my favorite people -- Sean Lane on piano, Bob Abbott on double bass, and superlative vocalist Flo Anito! We'll be doing a lot of classic jazz and swing, Great American Songbook standards, and yes, a bit o' klezmer, too! 

Doors open at 6 pm, and then we play from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. Tickets are $15 and there's a $12 food/drink…

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I put the "ah" in Hanukkah and the "ew" in New Year's Eve! 

Annual Hanukkah Concert at An Die Musik! 

This Thursday, December 22, I'll once again be leading an all-star band at one of Baltimore's best concert venues, An Die Musik Live! 

Joining me for this one-time musical celebration of all things Hanukkah (with plenty of klezmer and jazz, to boot) is guitarist Michael Raitzyk, violinist/vocalist Rebekah Geller, guitarist/vocalist Kristoffer Belgica, bassist Derek Wiegmann, and drummer Ethan Hasiuk. Come listen as we put our own "spin" on the Dreydl song! 

You can…

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Boogie-Woogie Klezmer Brunch! 

Any musical event involving the legendary Daryl Davis is going to be something special. But this one, at the Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center as part of JxJ - Washington Jewish Film and Music Festival is going to be something to behold! 

Daryl will be joining the Music Pilgrim Trio (Vladimir Fridman, Bob Abbott, and myself) for a musical mashup that will span the globe -- from boogie-woogie to klezmer to blues to bossa to who-knows-what? 

It's gonna be a heckuva time with lots of great music and…

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Gigs in DC, Greenbelt, NC, Florida, and Berlin 

Gigs in DC, Greenbelt, NC, Florida, and Berlin?


Okay...that's MOSTLY true.  I AM doing public shows in MOST of those places this month.  But not Berlin.  But I am playing a "Salute to Irving Berlin" show in DC, so that counts, right?


("First we take Manhattan, then we play Berlin...")


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Rare Mid-Atlantic performances for blues legend Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges 

Two shows with Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges! 

I've had the privilege of knowing and making music with international blues star Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges for close to 20 years now.  I've arranged the horn parts on several of his albums, recorded with him, and, when the stars aligned, shared a stage with him.  But the last time I had the thrill of performing with him live was in July 2016. 

That changes next week with two VERY rare appearances of this globe-trotting bluesman in the Washington and Baltimore…

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Seth's Magical Musical Multiverse 

New digital EP is OUT TODAY!!! 

"Seth's Magical Musical Multiverse" is a digital-only EP of 3 original songs that imagine some radical musical "what-if" scenarios.  What if Buddy Holly hadn't boarded that plane on a fateful night in February 1959?  What if George Gershwin hadn't had his magnificent career cut short by a brain tumor when he was just 38 years old?  What if Robert Johnson hadn't taken a sip of some poison whiskey in that Mississippi juke joint?  Featuring the talents of some of the…

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Gigs aplenty, plus some new videos! 

Shows in Virginia and Maryland! 

It's shaping up to be a pretty busy month for me. As always, for a fuller schedule, please check out my website and/or follow me on social media. I'm delightfully witty, charming, and ever humble. 

But here are the highlights: 

Tuesday, April 5 -- Seth Kibel & Sean Lane 

Bourbon Bayou Kitchen 

44184 Asburn Marketplace Plaza 

Ashburn, Virginia 20147 

5:30 to 8:30 pm 

No cover! 

This is a brand-new restaurant, with a New Orleans and Louisiana vibe that gives me the warm…

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A brand-new (digital) album released today! 

It's release day!!! 

I'm proud to announce that, as of this morning, my BRAND NEW album, "Clarinetflix & Chill," is available pretty much everywhere music can be downloaded or streamed in the digital multiverse! It features five brand-new original instrumental compositions by yours truly drawing upon a variety of musical influences, not the least of which are swing and klezmer. It was all recorded "live in the studio," as they say, in a single afternoon. 

All else being equal, please download the tracks…

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Brand new song and video...for a good cause 

Brand new song & video 

I wasn't planning on dropping this track just yet, but it seemed timely to do so now. I wrote this song in late 2021 and filmed the video in January, well before any inkling of a Russian invasion of Ukraine had even crossed my radar. 

This song and performance will be part of my upcoming digital-only album "Clarinetflix & Chill," scheduled to be released on all major platforms on Friday, March 18. 

Gaisin is the small Ukrainian village where my grandfather was born and spent his…

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