1. Unfriend

From the recording Unfriend

From Seth's 2017 album, "Seth Kibel Presents: Songs of Snark & Despair"
Flo Anito -- vocalsSeth Kibel -- tenor saxophone, string arrangementSean Lane -- pianoDavid Kitchen -- electric guitarRussell Rodgers -- electric bassWes Crawford -- drumsAaron Malone -- violinHelen Hausmann -- violinBill Neri -- violaAdam Gonzalez -- celloFlo Anito, David Kitchen, Billy Coulter, Arch Alcantara, Helen Hausmann, Chris Urquiaga -- background vocals


There’s no rest for the stupid
We all know that trolls don’t sleep
They’ve got memes to remember
And innuendos to retweet

So what’s a good soul to do
When their echo chamber’s on the fritz?
What other options exist
When the matrix starts to glitch?

Unfriend -- Your high school prom date
Unfriend -- Your college roommate
Unfriend -- Your second cousin once removed
Unfriend -- Your great aunt Lizzie
Unfriend -- That guy in IT
Unfriend -- Your bunkmate from camp, summer ‘92

What happened to all of the silly pictures?
What happened to the mindless chit chat?
I never thought thought the day would come
When I’d dearly miss that grumpy cat

You can try to reason and sway
To bring them to your point of view
You’ll only make yourself angry
Then there’s only one thing left to do

Unfriend -- Your next door neighbor
Unfriend -- Your fraternity brother
Unfriend -- That girl in HR who caught your eye
Unfriend -- Your uncle Spencer
Unfriend -- Your guidance counselor
Unfriend -- The entire state of Florida

That woman you once shared an office with
Way back in 2002
Never seemed this bat shit crazy
When all she posted, yes all she posted,  was pictures, yes, pictures of her food

Unfriend -- your mom’s new boyfriend
Unfriend -- his heavy metal band
Unfriend -- That washed-up actor from Charles in Charge
Unfriend -- It’s the change you’ve been needing
Unfriend -- Time for some housecleaning
Unfriend -- with a streamlined friend list, you’re livin’ large...