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A special Chanukah-themed klezmer brunch! Brunch at 10:30 am, Concert at 11 am $19, $17 students, children under 7 are free! Coffee and bagels from Baked By Yael will be available on site for purchase. A complimentary mimosa is included in ticket purchase.

Seth Kibel -- clarinet, flute, saxophone Sean Lane -- piano Bob Abbott -- double bass

$19, $17 students, children under 7 are free!


A klezmer and jazz-filled romp through the 5th night of Hanukkah.

Fearlessly led by Baltimore klezmer mainstays Seth Kibel and Michael Raitzyk.

Seth Kibel -- clarinet, flute, tenor saxophone Michael Raitzyk -- guitar Tom Holtz -- tuba Jim Hannah -- drums

$20/ $10 full-time students with valid ID


A klezmer and jazz-filled romp through the 5th night of Hanukkah.

Fearlessly led by Baltimore klezmer mainstays Seth Kibel and Michael Raitzyk.

Seth Kibel -- clarinet, flute, tenor saxophone Michael Raitzyk -- guitar Tom Holtz -- tuba Jim Hannah -- drums


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It's the most woodwindy time of the year 

We interrupt your 10 gazillion Cyber Monday emails for an important clarinet bulletin...


It's gonna be a busy holiday season for this little Hanukkah elf. The best way to keep apprised of my honking, tooting, and flooting (sic) is to follow me on social media. But here are two upcoming concerts, one in DC, one in Baltimore, that require advanced ticket purchase.


Sunday, December 3 -- A special "Chanukah Family Klezmer Brunch" at the Edlavitch Jewish Community Center in Washington, DC!


A special…

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Ask not for whom the clarinetist squeaks... squeaks for thee.


I've actually got a fair number of public shows this November, before the madness of the "official" holiday season begins. Best way to keep up-to-date on my nefarious activities is to follow me on social media, or check out my calendar on my website.


But here are some of this month's highlights:


Wednesday, November 8 -- A return to the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, Maryland! 7 to 9 pm. No cover, but reservations are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Call the New Deal at 301-474-5642 to make 'em! For…

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Clarinetist on the Run 

Mr. Kibel Goes To Washington


This Thursday, September 7, I'll be performing at Capitol Hill's legendary live music venue, Mr. Henry's. I'll be playing from 7:30 to 10:30 pm along with vocalist Flo Anito, pianist Sean Lane, and bassist Bob Abbott. Jazz, swing, klezmer, and more! Come on out, bring your gavel, and bang it on your table in time with the music.


Advanced tickets are HIGHLY recommended! Click here to get 'em!

All I Need Is A Reed A Day


Then, on Sunday, September 10, I'll be returning to my…

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New Deal, For Real 

New Deal Cafe this Wednesday evening!


This Wednesday, June 28, I return to one of my favorite venues, the New Deal Cafe, in Greenbelt, Maryland. 7 to 9 pm. I'll be joined by an all-star cast of characters, including vocalist Flo Anito, guitarist Michael Raitzyk, and tuba-player-to-the-stars Tom Holtz. We'll be doing some jazz, some swing, some klezmer, and some questionable shenanigans.


There's no cover (although tipping is strongly encouraged), but I HIGHLY recommend you call ahead at 301-474-5642 to make…

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More Clown, More Stick 

I promise not to let success go to my head...


My new album's been out for just under two weeks and, thus far, I've made thousands of pennies! I'm currently topping the charts of "Albums Released By Clarinetists Named Seth Kibel In May 2023."


All joking aside, it's been nice to get a lot of support and encouragement from the clarinet-loving masses. I REALLY appreciate it!


If you haven't done so already, you can stream the new album from pretty much any platform by clicking this link. (Apple Music

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Album Release Day -- Clown With A Stick 

Today's the big day!!!


I'm thrilled to announce that my new album on Azalea City Recordings, Clown With A Stick, is now available!!! You can listen to it RIGHT NOW pretty much anywhere you find music on the digital interwebs. (There appears to be a slight hitch with Apple Music, but hopefully that will be resolved soon. I think it's because I once said something snotty about Steve Jobs.)


Click this helpful link to hear samples and be directed to stream the full album on the service of your choice!


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The calm before the clarinety storm... 

In case you hadn't heard, I've got a new album coming out on Friday, May 19. It's called "Clown With A Stick," and it's an all-instrumental album with both jazz and klezmer and includes familiar classics and some brand-new original compositions.


I'll be SLIGHTLY increasing the frequency of these messages for a few weeks after the album is released, just so I can try to make back a small percentage of what I've invested in it. So stay tuned for a LOT more on the new record.


But until then, I've got some very…

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There was a boy who played clarinet... 

Klezmer (& jazz) in an Irish Pub? Sure, why not?


Come see us this Saturday (April 8) at The Limerick Pub in Wheaton, Maryland. No cover, but you better get there early if you want to be in spitting range of us!


I'll be playing the klezmer, the jazz, and the more, with my buddies in the Music Pilgrim Trio -- Vladimir Fridman on guitar and vocals, and Bob Abbott on bass. 7 to 9 pm.

Then, the following Sunday (April 16), I'm returning to one of my favorite Baltimore venues -- An Die Musik Live! 3 to 5 pm.



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Do not underestimate the power of my clarinet! 

Look -- I'm not going to lie to you. If you come out to one of my performances, you're definitely taking a risk. No one really knows how they're going to react to a loud, high, squeaky clarinet player until they're face-to-face with one. But who knows? You might like it! Or it might explode your brain. Come to one of of my shows and find out!


Wednesday, March 1 -- Beth El Congregation of Baltimore

8101 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21208

7:30 to 8:30 pm.


A FREE concert! No tickets or advanced…

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Oy, with the clarinet playing... 

Oy, with the clarinet playing... 

(Artwork: "Moses and the Ten Commandments" by Shlomo Katz) 

I know a lot of you feel Moses' pain. Nonetheless, apparently a few of you are gluttons for punishment and have asked where you can hear my loud hecklestick over the next few weeks. 

Three shows I want to bring to your attention this morning. One in NY, and two in DC. 

Saturday, February 4 -- Jazz on Main 

My first time at this new(ish) jazz club in Mount Kisco, New York, practically walking distance from the…

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