It's a Hanukkah miracle!

Come watch Michael Raitzyk and myself exploit our talented children! 

Wednesday, December 1 at An die Musik Live! 

It's the return of a Baltimore Hanukkah tradition -- this time with a twist! 

For many years, I presented a Hanukkah show at An die Musik, one of Baltimore's premier live music venues. Needless to say, we skipped last year's show. Well, this year, we're back! And this time, I decided to invite multi-genre guitar whiz Michael Raitzyk to join me, along with his ridiculously-talented violinist daughter Rebekah Geller. And just to round out the group, we'll be joined by my oldest offspring, Will Kibel, on piano and cajon. 

It'll be this coming Wednesday, at 7 pm. And there's two ways to enjoy this show: 

LIVE and IN-PERSON, sitting in some of the comfiest chairs in Baltimore. Ya just gotta flash your sexy, sexy vax card at the door. 


VIRTUAL LIVESTREAM, viewable from the comfort of your own home for up to a week after the performance.

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