Album Release Day -- Clown With A Stick

Today's the big day!!!


I'm thrilled to announce that my new album on Azalea City Recordings, Clown With A Stick, is now available!!! You can listen to it RIGHT NOW pretty much anywhere you find music on the digital interwebs. (There appears to be a slight hitch with Apple Music, but hopefully that will be resolved soon. I think it's because I once said something snotty about Steve Jobs.)


Click this helpful link to hear samples and be directed to stream the full album on the service of your choice! you prefer an old-fashioned CD you can see, touch, and taste? Well, I've got those, too. The easiest way to get those is to come out to one of my shows. can just order 'em straight from me! $15 per CD, and that includes shipping and handling. You can Venmo me (@Seth-Kibel), or PayPal me ( Venmo is preferred, and plz remember to shoot me a message with your address. You can also just use this link.


Alternatively, you can just mail me a check:

Seth Kibel

P.O. Box 32615

Baltimore, MD 21282

The new album features the talents of some of my favorite musicians -- pianists Sean Lane and Harry Appelman, bassists Bob Abbott and Jeff Reed, and drummers Wes Crawford and Joey Antico. It was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Gruber at Blue House Productions in Silver Spring, Maryland. The nifty album design was done by the multi-talented Ruthie Logsdon. I'm playing with a clarinet ligature and barrel from my good friends at Rovner Products.

“The clown with a stick is clearly in love with himself”


Those were the words written by an internet troll on a YouTube video of clarinetist Seth Kibel. “It made me chuckle,” says Kibel, “because every artist I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing is constantly wrestling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and even self-loathing. Clearly, this fellow didn’t know what he was talking about. Nonetheless, I kinda liked the phrase ‘clown with a stick,’ so I stole it. Thanks, dude!”


The 11 tracks of Clown With A Stick cover a wide stylistic range, from straight-ahead jazz, to Jewish klezmer, to even a little taste of Motown. There are melodies familiar to all, as well as rarer selections and four original compositions by Kibel. He’s featured on clarinet on most tracks, as well as two where he plays one of his “other sticks,” the flute.

In summation, in lieu of doing a pre-release crowdfunding campaign, I am asking for your assistance in spreading the word on this new album now. Here are a few EASY ways you can assist me in my relentless battle against obscurity and irrelevance:


1) Buy the physical CD (see above). For yourself and for all of your friends and family members. You can rest assured they don't already own copies!


2) Stream the album (repeatedly) on the music platform of your choice. Yeah, I get literally a FRACTION of a penny when you do that, but the more plays I get, the better my algorithms will be and I'll show up in more places. And if enough of you folks do it, I can buy myself a small coffee at 7-Eleven next week.


3) Like, share, playlist -- all the kind of stuff you can do on a streaming service that will help my numbers.


4) Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your friends' enemies. Hire a plane to fly over a Taylor Swift concert with a banner that reads "Swifties Love Jazz and Klezmer." Get a tattoo with my website address. Name your children after me. Name your pets after me. Name your wifi router after me. Purchase a Supreme Court Justice (it's not that hard) and have them end every ruling with a "Buy Clown With A Stick" proclamation.


Thank you in advance for all of your love and support! All joking aside, I truly appreciate it!

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