The things that you're liable to hear from Seth Kibel...

It's a Gershwin-win situation... 

Live, in-person OR a virtual livestream! 

"It ain't necessarily so. It ain't necessarily so. The things that you're liable to hear from Seth Kibel -- they ain't necessarily so." 

I'm super-excited to present an evening of music consisting entirely of American classics by George and Ira Gershwin! And I'm doing so at one of my favorite live music venues -- Keystone Korner Baltimore! 

It's this Wednesday, July 14. A single show at 7:30 pm! 

Two ways to check out this special performance: 

1) Live and in-person at one of the nicest clubs to ever feature a loud clarinetist. 

2) Virtual live-stream, available for up to 72-hours after the original performance time. Watch from the comfort of your own home! Masks optional. Pants optional. BYOB. 

EITHER WAY, it's a Gershwin-win situation. So here's the link to get your tickets!!!! 

Seth Kibel -- clarinet, saxophone, flute 

Sean Lane -- piano 

Bob Abbott -- double bass 

Nick Ruggieri -- drums 


Flo Anito -- vocals 

Nataly Merezhuk -- violin

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