Live-stream and live (!) performances

Seth Kibel & The Bits 

This Thursday, May 13, at 7 pm! 

A live-stream show from the storied stage of An Die Musik in Baltimore! 

Seth Kibel -- clarinet, saxophone, flute 

Christie Macdonald -- guitar, vocals 

Ellington Carthan -- piano 

Russ Rodgers -- electric bass 

Joey Antico -- drums 

$10 gets you access to the live-stream which you can either watch LIVE, as we perform, or any time after the performance. You can't watch it before our performance, I'm afraid. 

Here's the magic ticket link. Click it now, or live with the regret! 

They are allowing a limited number of in-person audience members, provided you're willing to flash that sexy, sexy CDC card. If you think you'd like to do that, click here for more info. 

Then, on Sunday, May 16, I've got a completely ordinary, in-person gig! At a brand-new jazz venue in Northern Virginia. 

Sunday, May 16 -- Seth Kibel Trio 

Bourbon Boulevard Chantilly 

4301 Chantilly Shopping Center 

Chantilly, VA 20151 

Seth Kibel -- clarinet, saxophone, flute 

Chuck Underwood -- electric guitar 

Daniel Brown -- double bass 

We'll be playing from 5 to 8 pm. There's no cover, but advance reservations are STRONGLY encouraged! Click here or call the venue at 571-399-5550. 

There's a lot more exciting stuff going on! Follow me on social media for more updates, but some upcoming highlights include: 

A live-stream concert with Jesse Palidofsky this Saturday, May 15, in celebration of his new album! 


Not one, not two, but THREE special outdoor concerts with DC's Crush Funk Brass as part of this year's JxJ Festival. Two concerts are free, one is ticketed. May 26, 29, and 30. Klezmer clarinet vs. NOLA-style Brass Band. No matter who wins, peace and quiet loses!

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