"Let's Be Frank" with Seth Kibel at The Kennedy Center

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June 3, 2015  
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This is a big one, folks!

This Saturday, June 6, I'll be returning to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to perform both BEFORE and AFTER the big NSO tribute concert, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of that other blue-eyed musician, Frank Sinatra!

The main concert is already sold out, but the before and after shows (featuring moi) are free and open to the public!

Both sets will be on the Millennium Stage, outside the main concert hall.  The early set will be from 6 to 7 pm.  The late set will start whenever the main concert ends (probably around 10 pm) and will go until midnight.  There'll be a free beginner swing dance lesson and demonstration at 5 pm, from the good folks atGottaswing, and then the after-party will include dancing, cocktails, poker tables, photo booths, and more!

The 6 pm set will also be broadcast live on the internet, here, and then archived online for a future race of aliens to watch when they visit our deserted and barren planet.

I'll have quite a cast of players with me, including:

Jenny Poppen -- vocals (early set)

Lena Seikaly -- vocals (late set)

Sean Lane -- piano (early set)

Justin Taylor -- piano (late set)

Bob Abbott -- double bass (both sets)

Wes Crawford -- drums (both sets)

Here's the FB event page for this, with lots more info!



Ooo...mark your calendars!  This'll be a fun evening!

Azalea Sampler Release Concert poster




Here's that FB event page for ya!


The Natty Beaux at last year's Takoma Park Street Festival!

...and on a recent swing dance. 

 - Seth


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