COVID & clarinetists

Sending good health and good vibes to all! 

These are undoubtedly trying times for all of us.  Everyone's trying to adjust to our new reality, and I want to make a special point to thank everyone who's reached out to me over the past week to make sure my family and I are okay. 

Yes, we're fine.  In fact, we're probably better than most.  I'm fortunate enough to have a spouse with a steady job (and health insurance!) and my kids are dealing with this crisis with a level of maturity that far exceeds that of my own. 

Having said that, all my gigs for the next six weeks are cancelled, and quite a few beyond that.  As a non-salaried independent artist, it truly is a gut punch. 

Fortunately, folks in the creative industries are nothing if not creative.  I'll be announcing some live streaming shows in the weeks to come and I hope you'll all "virtually" attend. In addition , for those of you who asked, here are some things you could do  RIGHT NOW  to help me (and, in the case of #1, lots of other folks) out: 


As difficult as things are for those in the arts right now, I'm deeply concerned about what's going to happen to the cultural health of the United States in the months and years after this crisis passes.  The arts community, which has struggled for years, is not going to be able to recover as quickly as other sectors of the economy.  Please click on my petition to learn more and, if you concur, sign it and assist with its "community spread" around the interwebs.  Thanks. 

2)  BUY A CD. 

Look -- I know not many people buy actual CDs anymore but now is a great time to start. Below are some direct links to purchase some of my numerous album releases.  I think you'll enjoy them if you don't already own copies.  And if you do already own copies, buy some for a friend.  I can almost guarantee you they don't already have them. 

Tiny Hands (2019) -- A politically-themed EP with singer/songwriter Flo Anito 

When You're Smiling (2018) -- Instrumental jazz and klezmer 

Tiny Planet (2018) -- All original music with world-music percussionist Tom Teasley 

Seth Kibel Presents: Songs of Snark & Despair (2017) --Leftist political humor and musical commentary 

No Words (2015) -- Original klezmer and jazz compositions 

Savor The Journey (2015) -- The second album from the Music Pilgrim Trio 

Jazz for People Who Are Shorter Than Me (2014) -- Jazz for the kiddos! 

Spanning The Globe (2012) -- The first album from the Music Pilgrim Trio 

Phonin' It In (2011) -- My first solo jazz album 

The Great Pretender (2007) -- Saxophone-driven blues, jazz, and soul 

Nuts and Bolts (2004) -- Original jazz with violinist Susan Jones 

Plus, all four albums from The Alexandria Kleztet! 

Peace, Love and Coffee (2009) 

Close Enough for Klezmer (2005) 

Delusions of Klezmer (2002) 

Y2Klezmer (1999) 


Pretty much all of the above albums are available on almost all of the streaming platforms -- Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, etc.  And while the financial payouts from these services are relatively small, they do add up.  Every listen, every share, every like, every playlist I'm added to: It all helps.  And you don't even have to have the volume up on your computer to do it! 


This is another big one.  If you could subscribe, watch, comment, like, and share, it'll really assist me to have the good kind of viral community spread. 


Seriously, learning to play clarinet will ensure people stay much further than six feet away from you.  I'm doing on-line lessons on clarinet, saxophone, and flute.  Jazz, klezmer, classical, general improv, and more.  Skype, Zoom, FaceTime -- it's all good.  If you're interested, just drop me a line! 

That's it for now.  Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know how you're doing.  I've got PLENTY of time to respond! 

Now, go wash your hands and don't come near me! 

- Seth

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