Rare Mid-Atlantic performances for blues legend Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges

Two shows with Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges! 

I've had the privilege of knowing and making music with international blues star Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges for close to 20 years now.  I've arranged the horn parts on several of his albums, recorded with him, and, when the stars aligned, shared a stage with him.  But the last time I had the thrill of performing with him live was in July 2016. 

That changes next week with two VERY rare appearances of this globe-trotting bluesman in the Washington and Baltimore region.  Look -- I know these are weeknight performances and you all have school in the morning.  But there's really nothing like experiencing Eugene live and you might not get the opportunity to do so in this area for quite some time. 

Here's the skinny: 

Wednesday, September 28 -- Hank Dietle's Tavern, Rockville, Maryland. 

8 pm show.  $10 cover. 

There's no advanced ticket sales on this one, so I highly recommend getting there early. 

Thursday, September 29 -- Keystone Korner Baltimore 

The nicest supper club in Baltimore, with incredible food and great sound! 

7:30 pm show.  Both in-person and high-quality virtual livestream tickets available. 

Click here to get 'em!  Don't wait too long, 'cause this one might actually sell out! 

There are a gazillion videos of Eugene performing live floating around online, so if you're not already familiar with his amazing talent, check him out! For no reason in particular, I'm kind of fond of the one below. 

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