Seth's Magical Musical Multiverse

New digital EP is OUT TODAY!!! 

"Seth's Magical Musical Multiverse" is a digital-only EP of 3 original songs that imagine some radical musical "what-if" scenarios.  What if Buddy Holly hadn't boarded that plane on a fateful night in February 1959?  What if George Gershwin hadn't had his magnificent career cut short by a brain tumor when he was just 38 years old?  What if Robert Johnson hadn't taken a sip of some poison whiskey in that Mississippi juke joint?  Featuring the talents of some of the Mid-Atlantic's premier musicians, including Billy Coulter, Flo Anito, Damon Foreman, Jon Carroll, Matt Kelley, Russell Rodgers, Wes Crawford, Derek Weigmann, and the songwriter himself on assorted woodwind instruments. 

Music history nerds will delight at these glimpses of alternate timelines and what might have been... 

Here's the link to stream/download the album from Bandcamp!! 

And here's a link to find it pretty much everywhere else you consume music on the internet! 

Here's the part where I get down on my knees: 

I'm putting this new mini-album out without ANY physical product (CD's, vinyl, 8-track cassettes, etc.) and without any cigar-smoking promoters to help me market it.  So I could really use your help.  First of all, give the album a listen -- Bandcamp might be your best choice, since you can read the lyrics while listening, but you can also check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon -- just about any online platform. 

Then, if you don't hate what you hear, please help me in my never-ending battle against obscurity and irrelevance.  Like, comment, save, and share.  Stream the tracks a gazillion times with your device on mute.  Save me to every playlist you have.  Put some links in your office Slack.  Rekindle a romance with an old flame by forwarding my album.  End a relationship by forwarding my album.  Anything you can do to help me battle those demonic algorithms will be GREATLY appreciated. 

Oh, hey -- I've also got gigs! 

Two shows I want to highlight: 

Wednesday, September 7 -- Music Pilgrim Trio (Vladimir Fridman, Bob Abbott, and myself) at An Die Musik in Baltimore!  Tickets available for both in-person attendance and virtual livestream.  Click here to get 'em or for more information. 

Friday, September 9 -- Seth Kibel, Sean Lane, & Bob Abbott at 49 Coffeehouse & Winebar in Annapolis.  Call the club at 410-626-9796 to make your reservations or click here for more info. 

Plenty more public shows over the next few months, all over the Mid-Atlantic. Check my website for a more complete schedule!

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