Let Me Into Your Home!

Fauci-approved concert this Wednesday evening at 7 pm ET! 

This Wednesday evening (May 13) at 7 pm ET, come join pianist  Sean Lane, bassist Bob Abbott,  and myself as we stream live from the storied (and large) stage of An Die Musik! 

We will attempt to break the doldrums of quarantine with an exciting concert of upbeat jazz, swing, and Jewish klezmer music.   Expect the music of Duke Ellington, The Brothers Gershwin, Benny Goodman, and more to brighten your evening as we bring the joy of live music in one of Baltimore's premier music venues into the comfort of your own home.  Pants are optional!  (For viewers.  The musicians will most definitely be wearing pants.) 

$5 gets you in and helps support us as well as this legendary Baltimore live music venue.  You MUST purchase your ticket before 6 pm on Wednesday and then a secret link will be emailed to you just prior to the concert.  Click below to get that ticket! 


Here's the FB event page if you wanna learn more. 

Seth Kibel -- "The End of the World" (Quarantine solo series #1) 

Seth Kibel -- "Blind Willie McTell" (Quarantine solo series #2) 

"How High The Moon" -- Music Pilgrim Trio (Quarantine Series #1) 

"Last Train Home" -- Music Pilgrim Trio (Quarantine Series #2) 

"Smile" -- Music Pilgrim Trio (Quarantine Series #3) 

Seth & Will Kibel, Live from the Basement! (part 3)

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