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Seth Kibel: Photos

The Alexandria Kleztet (L to R - Tim Jarvis, Seth Kibel, Helen Hausmann, Bob Abbott)
The Natty Beaux (L to R -- Seth Kibel, Brian Simms, Billy Coulter, Louie Newmeyer, Andy Rutherford, Andy Hamburger)
Music Pilgrim Trio (L to R -- Vladimir Fridman, Seth Kibel, Bob Abbott)
The Alexandria Kleztet (l to r):  Tim Jarvis, Scott Harlan, Helen Hausmann, Seth <br>
<br>Bay Jazz Project (l to r):  Mark Lucas, Sean Lane, Seth, Bob Abbott<br>
<br>The Natty Beaux (clockwise, from upper left):  Tommy Derr, Seth, Billy Coulter, Andy Hamburger, Louie Newmeyer, Brian Simms<br>
Photo by Evan Forman